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NVIDIA DRIVE Partners Showcase Cutting-Edge Innovations in Automated and Autonomous Driving

The automotive industry is being transformed by the integration of cutting-edge technologies into software-defined cars.

At CES, NVIDIA invited industry leaders to share their perspectives on how technology, especially AI and computing power, is shaping the future of transportation.

Watch the video to learn more from NVIDIA’s auto partners.

Redefining Possibilities Through Partnership

Magnus Ostberg, chief software officer at Mercedes-Benz, underscores how the company’s partnership with NVIDIA helps push technological boundaries. “[NVIDIA] enables us to go further to bring automated driving to the next level and into areas that we couldn’t go before,” he says.

Computing Power: The Driving Force Behind Autonomy

Shawn Kerrigan, chief operating officer and cofounder at Plus, emphasizes the role of computing power, saying, “Autonomous technology requires immense computing power in order to really understand the world around it and make safe driving decisions.”

“What was impossible to do previously because computing wasn’t strong enough is now doable,” says Eran Ofir, CEO of Imagry. “This is an enabler for the progress of the autonomous driving industry.”

“We wanted a platform that has a track record of being deployed in the automotive industry,” adds Stefan Solyom, chief technology officer at Pebble. “This is what NVIDIA can give us.”

And Martin Kristensson, head of product strategy at Volvo Cars, says, “We partner with NVIDIA to get the best compute that we can. More compute in the car means that we can be more aware of the environment around us and reacting earlier and being even safer.”

The Critical Role of AI

Don Burnette, CEO and founder of Kodiak Robotics, states, “NVIDIA makes best-in-class hardware accelerators, and I think it’s going to play a large role in the AI developments for self-driving going forward.”

“Driving as a routine task is tedious,” adds Tony Han, CEO and cofounder of WeRide. “We want to alleviate people from the burden of driving to give back the time. NVIDIA is the backbone of our AI engine.”

And Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, says, “Our Polestar 3 sits on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. This is, of course, very much based on AI technology — and it’s really fascinating and a completely new era for the car.”

Simulation Is Key

Ziv Binyamini, CEO of Foretellix, highlights the role of simulation in development and verification. “Simulation is crucial for the development of autonomous systems,” he says.

Bruce Baumgartner, vice president of supply chain at Zoox, adds, “We have been leveraging NVIDIA’s technology first and foremost on-vehicle to power the Zoox driver. We also leverage NVIDIA technologies in our cloud infrastructure. In particular, we do a lot of work in our simulator.”

Saving Lives With Autonomy

Austin Russell, CEO and founder of Luminar, highlights the opportunity to save lives by using new technology, saying, “The DRIVE platform has been incredibly helpful to be able to actually enable autonomous driving capabilities as well as enhance safety capabilities on vehicles. To be able to have an opportunity to save as many as 100 million lives and 100 trillion hours of people’s time over the next 100 years — everything that we do at the company rolls up to that.”

“Knowing that [this technology] is in vehicles worldwide and saves lives on the road each and every day — the impact that you deliver as you keep people and family safe is amazingly rewarding,” adds Tal Krzypow, vice president of product and strategy at Cipia.

Technology Helps Solve Major Challenges

Shiv Tasker, global industry vice president at Capgemini, reflects on the role of technology in addressing global challenges, saying, “Our modern world is driven by technology, and yet we face tremendous challenges. Technology is the answer. We have to solve the major issues so that we leave a better place for our children and our grandchildren.”

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