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NVIDIA Partners With APEC Economies to Change Lives, Increase Opportunity, Improve Outcomes

When patients in Vietnam enter a medical facility in distress, doctors use NVIDIA technology to get more accurate scans to diagnose their ailments. In Hong Kong, a different set of doctors leverage generative AI to discover new cures for patients.

Improving the health and well-being of citizens and strengthening economies and communities are key themes as world leaders soon gather in San Francisco for the 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit.

When they meet to discuss bold solutions to improve the lives of their citizens and societies, NVIDIA’s AI and accelerated computing initiatives are a crucial enabler.

NVIDIA’s work to improve outcomes for everyday people while tackling future challenges builds on years of deep investment with APEC partners. With a strong presence in countries across the region, including a workforce of thousands and numerous collaborative projects in areas from farming to healthcare to education, NVIDIA is delivering new technologies and workforce training programs to enhance industrial development and advance generative AI research.

Beyond technological advancements, these efforts spur economic growth, create good-paying jobs and improve the health and well-being of people globally.

Research and National Compute Partnerships

NVIDIA has advanced AI research partnerships with several APEC economies. These accelerate scientific breakthroughs in AI and HPC to address national challenges, such as healthcare, skills development and creating more robust local AI ecosystems to protect and advance well-being, prosperity and security. For example:

  • Australia’s national science and research organization, CSIRO, has teamed with NVIDIA to advance Australia’s AI program across climate action, space exploration, quantum computing and AI education.
  • Singapore’s National Supercomputing Centre and Ministry of Education have partnered with NVIDIA to drive sovereign AI capabilities with a priority focus on sectors such as healthcare, climate science and digital twins.
  • Thailand was Southeast Asia’s first country to participate in NVIDIA’s AI Nations initiative, bringing together the Ministry of Education with a consortium of top universities to advance public-private collaborations in urban planning, public health and autonomous vehicles.
  • In Vietnam, NVIDIA is partnering with Viettel,  the nation’s largest employer, and Vietnam’s Academy for Science & Technology to upskill workforces, accelerate the introduction of AI services to industry and deploy next-generation 5G services.

Innovation Ecosystems

Startups are at the leading edge of AI innovation, and a robust startup ecosystem is vital to advancing technology within APEC economies.

NVIDIA Inception is a free program to help startups innovate faster. Through it, NVIDIA supports over 5,000 startups across APEC economies, and more than 15,000 globally, by providing cutting-edge technology, connections with venture capitalists and access to the latest technical resources.

In 2023, NVIDIA added nearly 1,000 APEC-area startups to the program. In addition to creating economic opportunities, Inception supports small- and medium-sized enterprises in developing novel solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges. Here’s what some of its members are doing:

  • In Malaysia, Tapway uses AI to reduce congestion and streamline traffic for more than 1 million daily travelers.
  • In New Zealand, Lynker uses geospatial analysis, deep learning and remote sensing for earth observation.  Lynker’s technology measures carbon sequestration on farms, detecting, monitoring and restoring wetlands and enabling more effective disaster relief.
  • In Thailand, AltoTech Global, an Inception partner, integrates AI software with Internet of Things devices to optimize energy consumption for hotels, buildings, factories and smart cities. AltoTech’s ultimate goal is contributing to the net-zero economy and helping customers achieve their net-zero targets.

Digital Upskilling and Tools for Growth

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) provides AI training and digital upskilling programs that cultivate innovation and create economic opportunities.

DLI’s training and certification program helps individuals and organizations accelerate skills development and workforce transformation in AI, high performance computing and industrial digitalization.

Hands-on, self-paced and instructor-led courses are created and taught by NVIDIA experts, bringing real-world experience and deep technical know-how to developers and IT professionals.

Through this program, NVIDIA has trained more than 115,000 individuals in APEC economies, including more than 16,000 new trainees this year.

Separately, the NVIDIA Developer Program offers more than 2 million developers in APEC economies access to software development kits, application program interfaces, pretrained AI models and performance analysis tools to help developers create and innovate. Members receive free hands-on training, access to developer forums and early access to new products and services.

Creating a Better Future for All

As nations work together to address common challenges and improve the lives of their citizens, NVIDIA will continue to leverage its world-class technologies to help create a better world for all.