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Tune In to the Top 5 NVIDIA Videos of 2023

2023 was marked by the generative AI boom, representing a new era for how artificial intelligence can be used across industries.

The year’s top videos from the NVIDIA YouTube channel reflect this focus, with popular videos highlighting the technology powering large language models, new platforms for building generative AI applications and how accelerated computing and AI can advance climate science.

And don’t miss replays of NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s event appearances — his GTC keynote in March has garnered 22 million views, making it by far the most-viewed video on the channel.

Tune in to NVIDIA’s top five videos of the year:

Predicting Extreme Weather Risk — Weeks in Advance

Explore in colorful detail how running FourCastNet — an AI framework developed by researchers at NVIDIA, Caltech and Lawrence Berkeley Lab — on NVIDIA GPUs enables quicker, more accurate extreme weather predictions.

Accelerating Carbon Capture and Storage

Buckle up — learn how reservoir engineers are using NVIDIA Omniverse, NVIDIA Modulus and accelerated computing to optimize carbon capture, ensuring long-term storage and safer operations.

Visualizing Global-Scale Climate Data

Seeing is achieving with this stunning demo of the NVIDIA Earth-2 platform, which offers high-resolution climate visualizations for scientists, as well as breathtakingly detailed urban airflow information for architects and city planners.

A Tour of the NVIDIA DGX H100

Presenting the engine behind the large language model breakthrough — the NVIDIA DGX H100. Hear from Huang on why DGX is “the essential instrument of AI.”

Fine-Tuning Generative AI With NVIDIA AI Workbench 

Check out this demo — featuring a multitude of Toy Jensens — to learn how NVIDIA AI Workbench streamlines selecting foundation models, building project environments and fine-tuning models with domain-specific data.